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May the Xiaolin Magic be with you!

--Christy Hui


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Double Showdown! Double Happiness! Yippee! After creating the Special Edition DVDs, I thought it'd be a lot of fun to make DoubleSodes--compiling two back-to-back episodes that offer a special character/ theme from the remaining 20 episodes of Xiaolin Chronicles. So I sat down with Steve Eagleton (a super talented video editor and overall an amazing person), and we came up with this spinning Dojo as a linkup for the DoubleSodes! We loved it. Hope you do too!

Here are the 10 DoubleSodes in this special compilation (approx. 45 minutes each), compiled to give fans an extra dose of their favorite Xiaolin character. Each DoubleSodes includes bonus material—deleted production footage and never-before-heard alternate opening music!

• Omi DoubleHeader
• Dragon DoubleHeader
• Kimiko DoubleHeader
• Cowboy DoubleHeader
• Home Coming Special
• Jack DoubleHeader
• Rai Wuya DoubleHeader
• Ping Pong DoubleHeader
• Jack Chase DoubleHeader
• Dojo Master Fung DoubleHeader

So enjoy! May the Xiaolin Magic be with you!
--Christy Hui

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