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Imagination ignites the human spirit. At ActionFliks, we strive to bring inspiring stories that enrich the imagination of kids (and the kids at heart) around the world. Founded in 2000 by Writer/Producer Christy Hui, ActionFliks is known for its Xiaolin franchise, having joined forces with WB Animation to produce "XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN" and co-produced "XIAOLIN CHRONICLES" with Genao Productions.
ActionFliks is actively exploring VR/AR/mobile gaming and developing a slate of projects.

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May the Xiaolin Magic be with you!

--Christy Hui


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This little behind-the-scenes video is shot/edited by my husband, Pete, while we were working on the show in Paris. One note: Pete is a great business exec with a brilliant mind in Finance. This is his first salvo in production work of any kind. I am still amazed by how he managed to cut this piece together without any editing experience. The use of overly dramatic music was a bit 'heavy' but I'm amused by it. It gave the tasks at hand a sense of we were on a mission! LOL. But we were on a mission then. So it stays. Ironically, Pete's debut as a director did generate a high number of views on our YouTube channel! Not bad at all for a professional finance guy!

P.S. -- After making this video, Pete told me that he would keep his daytime job.