Do or Do Not, There is No Try. -- Yoda

Imagination ignites the human spirit. At ActionFliks, we strive to bring inspiring stories that enrich the imagination of kids (and the kids at heart) around the world. Founded in 2000 by Writer/Producer Christy Hui, ActionFliks is known for its Xiaolin franchise, having joined forces with WB Animation to produce "XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN" and co-produced "XIAOLIN CHRONICLES" with Genao Productions.
ActionFliks is actively exploring VR/AR/mobile gaming and developing a slate of projects.

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May the Xiaolin Magic be with you!

--Christy Hui


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ActionFliks - Brand Work

What drives a brand is the WHY. Connecting a brand to its consumers requires Brand EQ. This is where we come in.

This reel showcases our brand work. Delving into the WHY. Our work covers: Brand creation/development on/off air presentation, messaging, narrative, content strategy.

ActionFliks is an award-winning studio, founded by Christy Hui. We are passionate about telling impactful stories regardless of the size of the screen, from theatrical to television to mobile.

We take pride in our wide range of work, from producing shows with major studios including WB, Disney, Netflix, as well as working with biotech startups and brand personalities. We are a soup to nuts media company, from concept to finished goods. Stories begin with words on the page. Scripting happens to be one of our core strengths. We shine in post-production where we bring all the elements together.

Prior to switching tracks to filmmaking, Christy enjoyed a successful career building businesses and brands for such companies including Sony Pictures, TV Guide, and DirecTV. Her 15 years in marketing around the world gave her a super soft spot for helping startups and companies craft brand stories. To her, "Crush Brand EQ" is FUN!

Serious about crafting your brand story?